Remember Alaska

Limited Edition 7” 45 RPM vinyl single, available to order now for $10

On March 27, 2017, Sarah West (Chris’ wife) became suddenly ill with bacterial meningitis. After having been remarkably healthy for the vast majority of her 39 years, within 12 hours, she was completely physically and mentally incapacitated. After fighting the illness and various severe complications and setbacks from it for almost four months, Sarah passed away on July 11.

While Sarah was ill, Stereo Soul Future recorded two songs as both a tribute to her and as a way to potentially generate awareness of her and her family’s situation (Chris and Sarah have a four-year-old son, Llewellyn). Both of the songs on this release are fairly old SSF songs that had never been previously recorded: “Remember Alaska” was written in 2004 after Sarah and Chris visited her home state. “Gimme Time” was written in 1999.

Rather than releasing them as digital downloads only, the band felt it was important to produce a physical artifact to accompany these songs. They are therefore being released as a limited edition 7” 45 RPM vinyl single, available to order now for $10 (plus shipping). All proceeds from the sale will go to Sarah’s family. When you order the record, you will also receive a download link for immediate access to the digital version of each song.